Monday, November 7, 2011

Decorating a Car for a Homecoming Parade

After helping my nieces plan and decorate for their birthday party this summer, Bailey asked me to help her decorate her car for the homecoming parade.  She was the Swim Team Sweetheart.  I sure was wishing that I had a Sihouette or a Cricut to help me with this project but I came up with some ideas following the instructions Bailey was given and some of the things she wanted to use.
I cut out a 'scrolly' border around the poster board and painted it black to look like a frame and then painted some waves and added her mascot floating in the water.  I printed off the words and mod podged them to the poster and then covered the whole poster with mod podge.  I am so glad I did because it sprinkled for most of the time that we were getting everything on the car.
Of course I had to make some tissue paper pompoms to attach to the side mirrors.  They matched her dress, which I don't have a full length picture of for some reason, but it was gorgeous!

She looked so pretty, it stopped raining and we enjoyed watching the parade!

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