Monday, March 28, 2011

Handprint Easter Lamb

We had some friends over last week for a playdate and had fun doing a little craft with them.

I got the idea here:

I couldn't find our wiggle eyes, so I just painted on the eyes.
The kids had fun and really like seeing their art work hanging up!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Communion Dress

We went shopping a few weeks ago for a First Communion dress for Kyla. There were lots of cute dresses to try on. She found one that she liked (she said it twirled good). There were a few things that I wanted to change on it. At the waist on the front there was a row of fabric roses that I wanted to remove. When I removed the roses at the waist line it left glue residue, so I took part of the white ties from the back and made a band at the front of the waist. We (Mom & I) replaced the white ties at the back with baby pink ties -a bit non-traditional.

For the Kyla's veil, I thought it might be fun to use part of my bridal veil. I removed the tulle from my veil and attached it to a decorative comb.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fleur de lis Spring Outfit

I think I started on this outfit in late summer or early fall and I finally finished the last few details just in time for these beautiful spring days we have had lately.

I originally bought this blue paisley fabric for a dress but the guy who cut the fabric measured it from right to left instead of left to right and I got the wrong amount of fabric, so the dress turned into pants/capris. 

For the shirt, I found a fluer de lis stencil online and traced it onto Heat n Bond iron-on adhesive, applied it to the fabric, then to the tshirt and hand embroidered around it for detail.

Abigail wore it to Story Time at the library this week and we got quite a few comments. 

Finishing this outfit really gets me excited to do a few more shirts or outfits for spring and summer!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hat/Coat Rack Re-Do

When I first discovered the blog world I read a post that described how a lady shortened a standing hat/coat rack, painted it white and used it in her little girl's bedroom.  So, if you are that lady, thank you for the inspiration.  I knew I would be on the look out for a hat rack when visiting thrift stores and garage sales.  Of course, I let my mom know what I was looking for and as usual she was the one that made the find.  And what a find it was, a different twist on what I was looking for.  Isn't it cute?

I took it apart, cleaned it and lightly sanded it.

Then, I painted it.

Abigail has a place to hang pajamas, hats, and aprons.  We hung it low on the wall in her room so she can get things on and off of it easily.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Beach Beauty

The weather has been so wonderful that I decided to take Addison to the beach for a little photo session. It is time for Spring Break, so needless to say the place was packed with college students. We had a great time though. Like I said in my previous post, I have been sewing like crazy.

I bought this lovely purple and white fabric on impulse at JoAnn's one day. I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I couldn't leave the store without it. I came up with this lovely little halter dress. I just sewed my strip of fabric together, hemed it, made casing for 1 inch elastic for the dress. For the straps, I made this just a bit longer than the dress, sewed them in the front and they loop through a tab in the back. She looks so comfy in this dress...

This fabric was another impulse by at a local fabric store. And look at the blue and white trim, that was a special little find. I have never added any thing like it to anything before and am glad that I was able pull it together.

I used elastic thread to create the shirring on the bodice. There were a few mishaps in the making of this dress but I am not so sure anyone would notice them so I will not point them out!

Perfectly Spring

I have been sewing so much that I haven't taken the time to post any of it! If you are anything like me, when you get the urge to sew you better do it. I made this great little outfit in a weekend. I think it took me longer to pick out the fabric than it did to sew it. They are really simple pieces to make. Addison wasn't so sure about the capris at first but after some positive comments from Daddy she was convinced is is the best outfit ever.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Patrick's Day Shirts

Here are the shirts that I made for St. Patrick's Day this year.  I ironed on the fabric and embroidered the Xs, then glued rhinestones to Abigail's shirt for a little bling.

I also made the green flower bow for Abby's hair. I am still learning how to make these fabric flowers.  Start in the middle, start at the outer edge?  I am not sure.  Also, the hot glue makes the finished piece a little heavy to wear in the hair but sewing them by hand sure takes a while. 

And here they are modeling...

Nice weed, right?  Guess it is time to do some work in the yard, ha!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day Kid Craft

Zac is always asking to do a craft so I decided to change up a little activity I used to do with my class when I was teaching.  We always made "coffee filter butterflies" when we studied butterflies, so I thought we could change it up and do "coffee filter shamrocks".
Here is our supply list: 
green markers, coffee filters, chenille sticks, water spray bottle.

Color the coffee filters with the markers.  Abigail had fun and finished much more quickly than Zachary who took his time and colored every last inch of his coffee filter.

Spray with water until the color starts to run and let dry.

Accordian fold each coffee filter and secure with a chenille stick.

Put two together and twist stick to make stems.
We put our shamrocks in a green bucket with green rocks.  A cute, easy little kid craft!

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Disney Outfits

We are planning a long weekend trip to Disney World and that just gave me one more reason to get crafty. I decided to do some Disney themed shirts and have been wanting to make a patchwork skirt for a while now. So I decided this was my chance to give it a try. I cut the Minnie Mouse head with my Cricut and used Steam n Bond to apply it to the shirt. Added a little hand stitching and some rhinestones and got a one of a kind shirt. On to the skirt, I got 8-10 different fabrics, cut them down to 4.5x10 pieces and them started sewing them together. It turned out pretty good for my first attempt.
Since I was successful with the first skirt I thought I would give it another try with a twist. This is what I call a vertical patchwork. I took a picture of it like this, so you could see the true fullness of the skirt. I can't say it enough "I love this skirt". It is super cute on.

Addison said she wanted a shirt with Cinderella so I did a silhouette on the Cricut (of course) did some ironing, stitching and added rhinestones (I love to bling it up). I used the same amount of fabric for this skirt but turned the pieces vertical and put a ruffle on the bottom. I was trying to be resourceful so I used fabric from my growing collection.

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