Monday, April 18, 2011

Sorting and Painting

Sorting Spring Colors

For a few weeks now I have had this activity out on the kids' little table in the kitchen. 

They have spent lots of time sorting the spring pompom balls into the different sections of the muffin tin. 

This isn't a very fancy activity but I am surprised at how involved they get and I love to hear the conversation when they work on it together. 

They have talked about which color "belongs" where and how some colors are "like" one another, saying how "the pink is a light color like the white". 

They are working on fine motor skills with this activity and I am thinking of putting out small tongs for them to use to move the pompoms from one container to the other.

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Finger Painting

We also had a neighbor over for a play date one day last week.  They brought over their finger paints and we had a fun time making "Messy Masterpieces".



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