Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hat/Coat Rack Re-Do

When I first discovered the blog world I read a post that described how a lady shortened a standing hat/coat rack, painted it white and used it in her little girl's bedroom.  So, if you are that lady, thank you for the inspiration.  I knew I would be on the look out for a hat rack when visiting thrift stores and garage sales.  Of course, I let my mom know what I was looking for and as usual she was the one that made the find.  And what a find it was, a different twist on what I was looking for.  Isn't it cute?

I took it apart, cleaned it and lightly sanded it.

Then, I painted it.

Abigail has a place to hang pajamas, hats, and aprons.  We hung it low on the wall in her room so she can get things on and off of it easily.

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